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At High-Risk for Being Hacked? Google Offers Special Security Program.

October 17 Some users might want to stay extra safe.

Why the Russia Fake News Scandal Hasn’t Touched Snapchat

October 16 Snapchat is deliberately much stricter than other social media companies about which news outlets it partners with.

The KRACK Security Flaw Affects Everyone. Yes, Even You.

October 16 All devices connected to Wi-Fi are vulnerable, a security researcher says.

GAO Denies Equifax Bid Protest on IRS Contract

October 16 In its ruling, GAO said Equifax’ contentions were “unreasonable,” allowing IRS to move forward on a contract with Experian.

DHS to Order Agencies Implement Email, Website Encryption Tools

October 16 Agencies must implement DMARC and STARTTLS within three months, according to the DHS order.

US Government Agencies Are Buying Ads on Facebook—in Russian

October 14 Basically everyone can buy ads on the platform to push their agenda.

What NIST Suggests Instead of Passwords

October 13 A more secure option.

House Bill Would Allow Companies to Hack Back—With Limits

October 13 The bill would let hacked companies steal back or destroy their files but not cause exact retribution on hackers.

DHS Nominee Would Be Agency’s First Homegrown Cyber Leader

October 12 Kirstjen Nielsen would be the agency's first secretary with extensive cyber experience.