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How to Get Your Devices and Data Ready for Summer Vacation

July 21 First tackle the packing list, then prep your tech.

It's Time to Update Your iPhone

July 21 Better safe than sorry.

Cyber-Heavy DHS Reauthorization Bill Passes House

July 20 The reauthorization would boost cyber protections at ports and airports and offer aid to state and local governments.

A Coding Error Led to $30 Million in Ethereum Being Stolen

July 20 The perils of a blockchain’s immutable transactions was brought home yesterday.

Justice Department Takes Drug War to Dark Web Markets

July 20 Officials shut down a massive online drug market and warned criminals that they can't hide behind anonymized tools.

Cyber Office or Not, State Dept. Will Shape International Cyber Rules, White House Official Says

July 19 White House Cyber Lead Rob Joyce also dove into the government's use of Kaspersky anti-virus products and how agency leaders will be held accountable for ...

Is That Really You Typing? New DOD Tech Will Know

July 19 In its quest to drop common access cards, the Defense Department is piloting an authentication system based on the nuances of users' typing.

Advisory Group: Before You Plug in that Smart Device, We Need to Have a Talk

July 18 A government-industry group is prepping a plan for how makers of connected devices should talk about security with customers.

Top Cyber Diplomat Stepping Down

July 17 Chris Painter has been the State Department’s cyber coordinator since the office was launched in 2011.