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OPM Confirms Digital Personnel Files Offline Until End of Month

July 27 The online files will be accessible in read-only mode until then, the agency says.

New Bill Would Help Feds Victimized by Data Breaches

July 27 The bipartisan legislation would inform victims about efforts to mitigate damage and prosecute hackers.

IRS Asks Congress to Renew Its Best Path for Hiring Techies Fast

July 27 The agency wants Congress to reinstate a hiring authority is considers superior to the Critical Position Pay Authority.

House Panel Passes Bills to Reorganize DHS Cyber Team and Collect Zero-Day Info

July 26 The bill still faces a gauntlet of jurisdictional disputes before reaching the House floor.

The Great Cybersecurity Bake Off: The Necessary Ingredients

July 26 The former federal chief information security officer offers a recipe for a successful cybersecurity program.

After a Series of Hacks, Cryptocurrency Issuers May Turn to Old-Fashioned Bank Vaults for Security

July 25 It's difficult to keep even the most sophisticated new technology safe and secure.

Time for Agencies to Rethink the Internet of Things, NIST Official Says

July 25 It's hard to secure the internet of things if parties can't agree what it is.

DHS to Pitch in on Cybersecurity for Olympic Games

July 24 The final U.S.-Japan Cyber Dialogue under Coordinator Chris Painter reaffirmed the nations’ broader cyber alliance.

Hackers Can Take Over iPhones, Steal Cryptocurrency Funding and Find Dow Jones Data

July 24 Another week in ThreatWatch, another cryptocurrency theft.

How to Get Your Devices and Data Ready for Summer Vacation

July 21 First tackle the packing list, then prep your tech.