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7 Ways to Fill Cyber Workforce Gaps in a Generation

August 8 Veterans, vocational schools and loan forgiveness could all be key to building tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce.

Hackers Breach UCLA Server and Swipe Anthem Medicare Customer Info

August 7 Just another week in ThreatWatch.

Here are Some New Ideas for Fighting Botnets

August 4 Liability for defensive measures, surging international cooperation and making government a good role model top the list.

Your Amazon Echo Could Be Listening—And Not Just for Commands

August 3 The digital assistant could be spying on you.

After Huge Hack, OPM Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson

August 3 The Government Accountability Office found OPM is taking greater risks with its systems and data than it should.

Bitcoin’s Split Gave the WannaCry Hackers an Instant Boost to Their Profits

August 3 The hackers got an extra 20% or so on top of the $140,000 worth of bitcoin they had extorted.

Amazon Ditches Phone Filled with Spyware

August 2 The affordable phone was incredibly popular on the online market place.

Are You Doing Two-Factor Authentication Right?

August 2 You might think your account is secure, but it could still be up for grabs.

GAO: Keeping NSA and CYBERCOM Together Makes Hacking Tool Leaks More Likely

August 1 The release of high-value NSA hacking tools in recent month sparked widespread concern about how securely those tools are stored.

Senators Want a Hack-Proof Internet of Government Things

August 1 The bill also would require government connected devices to be free of known vulnerabilities.