Hackers Want Ransom for Unaired Shows But Netflix Stands Firm


One of Netflix’s popular shows, “Orange is the New Black,” made an early debut on a file-sharing site after the on-demand streaming network refused to pay ransom.

A hacker (or group) called thedarkoverlord took to Twitter on Friday and threatened to release the show’s upcoming season if Netflix didn’t pay an undisclosed sum, Variety reported. The show was scheduled for a June 9 release. The ransomer also claimed to have unreleased shows from other networks, including Fox, IFC, National Geographics and ABC.

Hackers got the content from Larson Studios, a postproduction company used by many TV studios.

Thedarkoverload on Saturday tweeted links to “Orange is the New Black” episodes—though the hackers didn’t get the final few of the 13-episode season. On Monday, the account tweeted another threat: “It’s nearly time to play another round.”

The New York Times reported the hacker alias is linked to other ransomware attacks, including a cancer support charity in Indiana.