Texas Trump Opponents Have Fun with Insecure Road Sign

Transportation // Texas, United States

The same digital billboard in Dallas was changed twice in less than 48 hours by a person not employed by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Over Memorial Day weekend, the sign, located along westbound Interstate-30 at Cockrell Hill Road, read: “Party Hardy Yall!”

On Monday, the vandalism was deleted. The local government, at the time, said it took measures to secure the sign.

Apparently, the added protections weren’t strong enough.

On either Memorial Day or early Tuesday, the hacker(s) struck again.

This time, they smacked down GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and championed Democratic contender Bernie Sanders. The messages were spread across multiple signs. The first called Trump a “Shape Shifting Lizard.”

The second billboard said, “Bernie For President.”

The perpetrator would have had to cut a lock off of a box and reset the signs’ passwords to perform these changeroos.

A third sign was also hacked. It told Tuesday morning commuters “Work is canceled. Go back home.” All of the signs had been returned to their normal alerts by 5:08 a.m. on May 31, 2016.