Intrusion at payment system vendor trickles down to Dairy Queen customers

Food and Beverage

Information Systems & Supplies Inc., which sells so-called point-of-sale systems to restaurants, says a hack involving login information might have compromised diners’ credit card accounts.

“We recently discovered that our Log-Me-In account was breached,” states a June 12 notification letter to clients. “We have reason to believe that the data accessed could include credit card information from any cards used by your customers” between Feb. 28 and April 18.

IS&S provides services to a number of eateries including Dairy Queen, Buffalo Wild Wings and Taco Time, among others.

The incident “occurred through a phishing attack where the credentials of their corporate Log-Me-In account was compromised,” Tripwire reports. “Boston-based Log-Me-In noticed the compromise and alerted IS&S and they notified customers.”