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Jeff Bezos Lays Out Amazon’s Three-Pronged Approach to AI

April 17 Amazonians and investors alike, rest assured: Jeff Bezos knows artificial intelligence is a big deal.

How a National Lab in Charge of Nuclear Safety Optimized Its Systems

April 14 The lab went from having 63 data centers to 18, across its square-mile campus, reducing facility costs and repurposing staff.

Tech Leaders’ Top Recommendations for Fixing Federal IT Challenges

April 11 These key actions key include bolstering FITARA, enhancing CIO authorities and improving budget formulation, governance, workforce operations and transition ...

FEC and 18F Team Up to Save Agency $1.2M

March 30 The commission's new website, hosted by, will reduce spend on internal systems.

GAO: Optimize Data Centers or Lose Them

March 23 Progress on closing data centers is mixed and the government’s optimization efforts are worse.

It’s Possible to Cut Legacy Spending. Here’s How FCC Did It.

March 17 The agency took small steps first.

State Department CIO: ‘If People Aren’t Laughing At You, Your Goals Aren’t Big Enough'

March 14 Frontis Wiggins' plan includes revolutionizing how the agency does innovation.

Comment Period Extended for FedRAMP's New Baseline

March 13 The "Tailored" baseline was introduced as a possible means to usher in speedier assessments for certain kinds of solutions.

Redefining the Role of Federal CIO: The Enabler-in-Chief

March 9 The key is modernizing systems will not be done in the same architectural model of the past.

Amazon Broke the Internet Because Its System Couldn’t Handle a Typo

March 4 Amazon has already modified its S3 system to avoid this problem again in the future.