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IT Modernization Bill Sails Through House Committee

May 2 “This eliminates the traditional ‘use it or lose it’ approach that has plagued IT for years,” Rep. Will Hurd said.

FCC Captures Second CIO 100 Award

May 1 “We wanted to operate like internal venture capitalists,” FCC CIO David Bray said.

Amazon’s Best Money-Making Machine Is Slowing Down

April 29 Amazon Web Services churned out more than $12 billion in revenue last year.

Satya Nadella’s Biggest Bet for Microsoft Could Be Its Future

April 28 The tech giant's cloud computing business continues to be a rising star,

Federal Cloud Spending Has Stalled, Report Says

April 27 The slowdown could be a blip in the market's double-digit growth.

Step One in Optimizing Data Centers: Know What You Have

April 21 Going through 16 data centers, some of which reside outside the continental United States, is a challenging feat.

The Secret Ingredients NASA Used to Build Its Huge Photo Library

April 19 The repository is the culmination of a 3-year effort to make NASA’s data more open and accessible.

Jeff Bezos Lays Out Amazon’s Three-Pronged Approach to AI

April 17 Amazonians and investors alike, rest assured: Jeff Bezos knows artificial intelligence is a big deal.

How a National Lab in Charge of Nuclear Safety Optimized Its Systems

April 14 The lab went from having 63 data centers to 18, across its square-mile campus, reducing facility costs and repurposing staff.

Tech Leaders’ Top Recommendations for Fixing Federal IT Challenges

April 11 These key actions key include bolstering FITARA, enhancing CIO authorities and improving budget formulation, governance, workforce operations and transition ...