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The Intelligence Community’s Big Budget Challenge

February 4, 2016 The report suggests IT spending will essentially stagnate through 2020, with estimated IT spending at $9.5 billion by then.

Could a More Secure Online Browser Protect Background Check Hack Victims?

February 3, 2016 Richard “Hollis” Helms, a 45-year-veteran of the intelligence community, has a tool he says might stem the potential bleeding of national secrets.

Microsoft's Project Natik Test-Drives a Data Center Under the Sea

February 2, 2016 The cold water of the deep sea may be an ideal environment for server farms.

7 Steps to Faster Transformation in Government

February 2, 2016 The need for transformation in government is a constant.

Amazon Web Services Is Now an $8 Billion-a-Year Cloud-Computing Machine

January 28, 2016 The company generated almost $8 billion in sales over the full year of 2015.

Industry Group Weighs In: FedRAMP Needs Fixing

January 25, 2016 The industry group’s recommendations mirror efforts announced by the FedRAMP office last week, which focused on speeding up authorizations as well as ...

Q&A with Matt Goodrich: How FedRAMP Gives Customers What They Want

January 22, 2016 GSA is building very technical policies based on what its customers want, not developing policies and forcing its customers to comply with them.

Officials Plan ‘Major Changes’ to Speed Up FedRAMP Cloud-Vetting

January 21, 2016 The changes also focus on increasing transparency and promoting FedRAMP reuse.

Air Force CTO: We Don’t Want to Manage IT Anymore

January 14, 2016 Faced with an IT workforce shortage, the Air Force CTO said it makes more sense to outsource the work to industry entities than to continue training a ...

Does Pentagon Need a Narrow Definition of Cloud?

January 12, 2016 Ambiguity might actually be best when it comes to cloud -- at least for now, says DISA CTO.