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How government's driving cloud computing ahead

July 6, 2009 InformationWeek

Agencies seek cloud computing services on Networx

July 2, 2009 More federal agencies want the greater security and sophisticated technology the huge telecom program provides.

NASA stores lunar orbiter data in the cloud

July 1, 2009 Government Computer News

Microsoft: Legacy systems not a barrier to cloud computing

June 26, 2009 In a bid to remain a player in the burgeoning cloud market, the company is developing interoperable software that will exchange data among multiple systems.

Racing to Innovate

June 19, 2009

Computing: The cloud could burst

June 5, 2009 Forbes

NIST team deeply studying cloud computing

June 3, 2009 InformationWeek

Google's Washington presence keeps growing

June 2, 2009 Company unveils search tool, the latest in a series of products that attract federal agencies.