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More on Cloud and Job Loss


By Allan Holmes August 31, 2010

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Nextgov has written before about how cloud computing means fewer jobs, but that isn't talked about much in the federal government. (Read here.) Most of the savings in any organization comes from reducing labor - not equipment.

More folks are beginning to write about where the savings come from. Here's one from Martin Ford at The Huffington Post on Tuesday:

The thing you should know about cloud computing is that it tends to concentrate information, power and income. The information technology resources of thousands of businesses and organizations will increasingly "migrate into the cloud." One immediate result of this is increased concentration and automation of jobs. Information technology workers are already seeing significant job losses as a result of the move toward cloud computing.

Once artificial intelligence becomes integrated into the cloud, the effect will quickly be felt by far more than just IT professionals. Anyone with a knowledge-based job will be highly susceptible.


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