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White House's Digital Strategy

The Obama administration's digital strategy, titled “Building a 21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People,” aims to ensure agencies manage mobile devices safely and affordably and to give citizens mobile access to everything from government websites and applications to raw survey and satellite data.

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Pete Seeger’s digital legacy and other tech news

October 10, 2012 Maps move to high security clouds; GSA pushes Web analytics.

Government Printing Office adopts internal XML system

September 12, 2012 New format will make it easier to launch apps and e-books, CTO says.

Does the Federal CIO Shop Need Bold Vision or Implementation?

September 12, 2012 VanRoekel didn’t just stick with his predecessor’s plan, he added his own initiatives.

Agencies should publish lists of all their data, group says

July 3, 2012 Sunlight Foundation is developing a best practices guide for government transparency.

IG finds unauthorized e-readers, thumb drives, GPS on Homeland Security networks

June 28, 2012 The department does not consistently encrypt sensitive data stored on mobile devices.

Digital strategy group works on 'bring your own device' guidelines

June 22, 2012 Federal CIO also launches an innovation center to share digital best practices.

Agency-owned PCs could soon be relics of a bygone era

June 22, 2012 Veterans Affairs Department CIO Roger Baker predicts employees will have to buy their own computers for work in the near future.

Pentagon’s blueprint for mobile devices lacks security details

June 15, 2012 Strategy offers little guidance for securing specific smartphones and tablets.

White House issues guidance on modular IT development

June 15, 2012 New approach aims to reduce cost and schedule overruns.

Security presented as the foundation of new federal digital strategy

May 25, 2012 A blueprint for moving government services to mobile devices concentrates on protecting data, rather than the devices.

White House launches federal digital strategy

May 23, 2012 Plan aims to make government info mobile friendly.

USDA slashed its mobile phone bill $400,000 per month

March 29, 2012 Agriculture consolidated 700 service plans into 10, saving 20 percent in mobile contracts.