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Mattis Opposes Splitting Defense CIO Duties

October 19 The defense secretary’s letter also objects to a requirement that the Defense Department notify other nations before responding to cyber threats.

Could the Senate’s Plan to Speed Up Bid Protests Backfire?

October 19 A shorter timeframe to review contracting disputes could put significant stress on the Government Accountability Office.

Sharing Election Threat Info with States Won’t be One-Size-Fits-All, DHS Says

October 18 Cyber threat information sharing strategies will vary state by state based on state preferences, a DHS official says.

GSA, OPM Nominees Pledge to Build Public Trust Through Open Data Programs

October 18 Emily Webster Murphy, GSA administrator nominee, pledged to expand open data programs while Jeff Pon, OPM director nominee, said he promised to ramp up ...

This Tool Saves HUD Employees Weeks of Work

October 18 House of Urban Development Department employees would take days and even weeks to fulfill lawmakers’ requests until the agency launched CART.

A Big Employer Is Finally Addressing a Major Pain Point for Job Applicants

October 18 In the so-called war for talent, Johnson & Johnson is trying something unusual.

4 Ideas to Prevent the Next Equifax

October 17 Congress could create minimum breach notification standards, increase oversight and rein in Social Security numbers.

What Agencies Need to Navigate the AI Frontier

October 17 Adopting artificial intelligence isn't a well-trodden path.

Microsoft Cloud Can Now Host Classified Pentagon Data

October 17 The Defense Department will be able to send data that requires a secret-level security clearance to view to the company’s cloud.

DHS Wants to Stop the Next Anthrax Outbreak with Open Data

October 17 The Homeland Security Department is offering $300,000 for data solutions that can detect biothreats before they spread.