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Apple’s Web-Based Office Software Will Force Google and Microsoft to Up Their Game

Software developers who have early access to Apple’s competitor for office software programs like Google Drive and Microsoft Office are tripping over themselves to sing its praises.

Apple’s solution, named (awkwardly) iWork for iCloud, was built with one goal in mind, apparently: to make a web-based app experience that’s as good as a desktop application. The results are impressive. It’s a sharp contrast with Google’s strategy with web-based Google Drive, which has been purposefully minimalist from the beginning, frustrating users who wish it were more like the office productivity software we all grew up on: Microsoft Office.

But here’s the irony: Because iWork for iCloud works on the web, guess which company it might benefit just as much as Apple? That’s right, Google. Google’s Chrome OS, which runs only web-based apps, seems to be the perfect platform from which to access iWork for iCloud.

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