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Facebook's New 'AI Camera' Team Wants to Add a Layer to the World

September 21 The most important technological advances of the past decade are converging inside the battle for your phone’s camera.

Google Maps Street View Gets an Upgrade

September 18 They're mapping the entire world. Again.

What the Intelligence Community Wants to Get Out of Tracking Its Workforce

September 18 The IC's research wing is experimenting with wearables and other sensors to optimize employees and their work environment.

Could Whale Migration Be the Key to Smarter Naval Operations?

September 15 DARPA wants to use marine life as “living sensors” in the internet of things network.

Could Facebook Have Caught Its 'Jew Hater' Ad Targeting?

September 15 “Facebook can monitor the things it does that make it money.”

Here's How the Government Could Better Track Contract Spending

September 14 Lexis Nexis and the Data Foundation make a case for a decentralized but standard ID tag for all legal entities.

Can Victims of the Equifax Breach Simply Ignore It?

September 14 An identity theft expert weighs in.

Analysts Are Quitting the State Department’s Anti-Propaganda Team

September 14 The Global Engagement Center is struggling to keep up with its missions: countering ISIS recruitment and Russian disinformation.

Can Cops Force You to Unlock Your Phone With Your Face?

September 13 Apple’s new Face ID technology raises questions about constitutional protections for personal devices.

If You Value Your Privacy, Be Careful With Online Translation Tools

September 13 Some translation requests—including the text to be translated—might be indexed by search engines.