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How U.S. Digital Service’s Team Works With Other Agencies

September 27 The U.S. Digital Service team building out the governmentwide login has a separate staff that markets the system to other agencies.

The Future the US Military is Constructing: a Giant, Armed Nervous System

September 27 Service chiefs are converging on a single strategy for military dominance: connect everything to everything.

White House Officials: To Manage the Government, Open Its Data

September 26 Though there are hurdles, White House officials continue to push for better, more accessible federal data.

The Coming Software Apocalypse

September 26 A small group of programmers wants to change how we code—before catastrophe strikes.

Survey: Most CIOs Say a Majority of Their Applications Are Out of Date

September 25 About 72 percent of federal chief information officers said the majority of applications in their agencies are legacy systems, a new survey finds.

Microsoft and Facebook's New Massive Undersea Data Cable

September 25 It's the highest-capacity subsea cable to cross the Atlantic.

The Genomic Revolution Reaches the City Crime Lab

September 25 How will law enforcement handle the deluge of new information available from DNA?

What Facebook Told Congress Suggests its Russian Ad Problem Could Be Bigger Than it Looks

September 22 Some Congress members, however, believe that the company has yet to quantify the full scope of the problem.

What’s Blockchain’s Role In The Public Good?

September 21 A nonprofit partnership is looking for ways the decentralized ledger system can benefit society.

Facebook's New 'AI Camera' Team Wants to Add a Layer to the World

September 21 The most important technological advances of the past decade are converging inside the battle for your phone’s camera.