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The Computer That Predicted the U.S. Would Win the Vietnam War

October 6 A cautionary tale about the dangers of big data

What You Should Do About Your Yahoo Account

October 4 There are a few steps you can take.

Survey: Facebook Is the Big Tech Company That People Trust Least

October 4 Consumers nevertheless do entrust Facebook with information about themselves every day.

Congressman Wants U.S. to Part With Europe on Data Privacy

October 3 As the number of devices quietly gathering your data increases, so does the risk of exposure.

Intel Exec: Internet of Things Isn’t Scaling As Fast As We Thought

October 3 Actual connected devices may fall short of the 50 billion experts were predicting would join the internet by 2020.

The Scariest Part of Facebook’s Safety Check in a Mass Shooting

October 2 Facebook’s algorithms do not favor original reporting.

Outraged Programmers Forced a Rare Concession From Facebook on Its Open-Source Software

September 28 Facebook’s open-source software is wildly popular among developers and has been used to build countless websites.

OMB Data Guru: If Your Manager Doesn’t Get Open Data, Take Them To A Hackathon

September 28 White House tech teams are going to more public tech events not only to network but also to demonstrate the value of open data projects.

How U.S. Digital Service’s Team Works With Other Agencies

September 27 The U.S. Digital Service team building out the governmentwide login has a separate staff that markets the system to other agencies.