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5 Ways Congress Can Grow the Internet of Things

October 10 A trade association asked Congress to pass legislation that would advance connected technology in the United States.

This Is How Much Google Is Spending on Cutting Edge AI Research

October 8 Google CEO Sundar Pichai has repeatedly said the company’s future success will be based in artificial intelligence.

The Computer That Predicted the U.S. Would Win the Vietnam War

October 6 A cautionary tale about the dangers of big data

What You Should Do About Your Yahoo Account

October 4 There are a few steps you can take.

Survey: Facebook Is the Big Tech Company That People Trust Least

October 4 Consumers nevertheless do entrust Facebook with information about themselves every day.

Congressman Wants U.S. to Part With Europe on Data Privacy

October 3 As the number of devices quietly gathering your data increases, so does the risk of exposure.

Intel Exec: Internet of Things Isn’t Scaling As Fast As We Thought

October 3 Actual connected devices may fall short of the 50 billion experts were predicting would join the internet by 2020.