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State Department Wants to Build A Biometric System for Mexico

April 5 The department is currently in the market research stage.

All The Things Wrong With the Web Today, According to its Inventor

April 5 He believes online privacy is a “human right” that’s being trampled.

VA Experiments with Real-Time Dashboard of Vets' Feedback

April 3 The agency wants feedback whenever and however veterans want to send it.

Self-Driving Cars Will Be Much Safer But a Nightmare to Insure

April 3 The technology that enables autonomy is expensive.

Congress Will Let Internet Providers Sell Your Data—So Rebels Devised a Way to Fool Corporations

April 3 These tools help people seed their online activity with “noise,” or random web searches and sites that obscure their true browsing habits.

FEC and 18F Team Up to Save Agency $1.2M

March 30 The commission's new website, hosted by, will reduce spend on internal systems.

Encryption Won’t Stop Your Internet Provider From Spying on You

March 30 Data patterns alone can be enough to give away what video you’re watching on YouTube.

Lost Your Phone? Here's How to Find It.

March 27 Location tracking saves the day.

4 Security Trends for the New Administration To Consider

March 27 The challenge is to balance what’s practical with what’s effective, all in the face of global threats evolving every day.