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How a National Lab in Charge of Nuclear Safety Optimized Its Systems

April 14 The lab went from having 63 data centers to 18, across its square-mile campus, reducing facility costs and repurposing staff.

Amazon Is Making It Easier for Companies to Track You

April 14 In a letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos wrote about how the company is making machine-learning tools widely available.

A New Tax Law Is Making Sweden Very Attractive to the World’s Biggest Tech Companies

April 14 In January, a new law slashing the tax rate on electricity used by data centers by 97 percent went into effect.

An Algorithm That Hides Your Online Tracks With Random Footsteps

April 11 Can “polluting” browsing history with fake traffic make it harder for ISPs to spy on you?

Citizens Experience ‘Cyber Insecurity’ When Doing Business with Government

April 10 74 percent of respondents in a new survey said they lacked confidence in the government’s ability to keep their personal data “private and secure.”

When Apps Secretly Team Up to Steal Your Data

April 7 An analysis of the top 100,000 Android apps found tens of thousands of pairings that leak sensitive data.

IG: IRS Needs to Better Use Data to Crack Down on Tax Fraud

April 6 The agency doesn't use all the data available to proactively identify fraudulent accounts, an official testified Wednesday.

GSA May Make Industry Participation in Data Reporting Pilot Optional

April 6 Voluntary participation in the 3-year pilot had been higher than expected, leaving officials to consider whether mandating participation was necessary.

This Hurricane Drone Flies High for Science

April 6 Gathering weather data is no easy task.

State Department Wants to Build A Biometric System for Mexico

April 5 The department is currently in the market research stage.