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Big data can save health care--but at what cost to privacy?

May 25, 2012 Medical research would benefit greatly from massive, publicly shared sets of patient information.

Federal officials, Hill committees probe Facebook IPO

May 23, 2012 House and Senate panels join SEC, others, in launching investigations.

Washington Post helps us keep track of White House visitors

May 21, 2012 The newspaper has created a searchable database of the White House's visitor logs.

USASpending moves to big data cloud

May 21, 2012 Host combines cloud efficiencies and big data analysis.

We'll never know what Google's doing with the NSA

May 11, 2012 An appeals court turned down a FOIA request on NSA's relationship with Google.

The U.S. government has collected more data than it could ever possibly read

May 10, 2012 Only 40 percent of government IT professionals say their agency is analyzing collected data.

ICANN sets target date for re-opening database

May 9, 2012 The group that runs the Internet's address system said it is aiming to re-open the application process for those seeking to launch a new domain name.

Gathering data is just the first step

May 7, 2012 New information flowing into government will need careful and critical analysis, experts say.

Big data could remake science -- and government

May 2, 2012 Complex, unstructured info can lead to unexpected efficiencies, experts say.

Library of Congress plans to digitize pre-1978 copyright records

May 2, 2012 The ultimate goal is to build a searchable online index for the massive collection.