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Big data can Moneyball government services

April 19, 2012 By standardizing more of its data and sharing it more widely, the federal government could deliver service more efficiently and cut costs.

IT investments not bearing fruit at FDA, report finds

April 17, 2012 Agency efforts to modernize -- including a decade-old $280 million initiative -- have fallen flat, GAO says. relaunch coming soon

April 16, 2012 Most Open Gov 2.0 plans focus on updating, fine-tuning existing initiatives.

3.8 million records from the 1940 census go live online

April 2, 2012 The National Archives has digitized and published online the 72-year-old records of more than 130 million Americans, but finding your family will require a ...

NSA to crack codes with big data

March 30, 2012 Companies will demo code-making and code-breaking tech -- part of larger effort to make sense of the incongruous digital traffic on the Internet and elsewhere.