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How to Disappear

April 25 Is it possible to move through a smart city undetected?

Revelations of Uber’s Business Tactics Are a Good Reminder to Check Your Gmail Permissions

April 24 When an online service is free, you are probably the product that’s being sold.

A Search for the Zombie Websites of 1995

April 23 The must-visit destinations from early cyberspace are mostly gone now.

Artificial Intelligence Could Build New Drugs Faster Than Any Human Team

April 20 Startup Atomwise has built a system which attempts to generate potential drugs for diseases like Ebola and multiple sclerosis.

You Can Now Buy the Brains Behind Amazon’s Alexa

April 20 The deep neural networks that power Amazon’s popular voice assistant are up for sale.

Hitachi Built an AI Security System That Follows You Through a Crowd

April 19 It’s being developed to help make you safer, says Hitachi.

Former Microsoft CEO Opts to Open Government Himself

April 18 Ballmer unveiled, a repository of public-sector financial data.

Jeff Bezos Lays Out Amazon’s Three-Pronged Approach to AI

April 17 Amazonians and investors alike, rest assured: Jeff Bezos knows artificial intelligence is a big deal.

DHS Needs Someone to Explain Biometrics to the Public

April 17 The department wants a communications professional to manage rhetoric about collecting fingerprints, iris scans and facial images.

How a National Lab in Charge of Nuclear Safety Optimized Its Systems

April 14 The lab went from having 63 data centers to 18, across its square-mile campus, reducing facility costs and repurposing staff.