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Trading firm lost $10 million a minute because of computer glitch

August 2, 2012 Newly installed trading software caused a 32 percent free fall on Wednesday.

Twitter will gauge voter sentiment in new venture

August 1, 2012 The social network says it will draw from the nearly 2 million weekly posts on the site about both presidential candidates.

Google forgot to delete France's street view data, too

August 1, 2012 France's privacy protection agency plans to investigate the data.

After a decade of delays, FBI agents finally get a case management system

July 31, 2012 'Sentinel' works like a Webmail system for investigations.

Probability that Romney's new followers are normal tweeters: Zero

July 31, 2012 It is virtually impossible that the former governor's recent spike in Twitter followers resulted from normal activity on the social network.

Report: Inconsistencies found in state enforcement of e-verify policies

July 30, 2012 Some states use the internet-based system to verify the immigration status of all employees, while others only to those in the public sector.

Google’s apology for not deleting street view data doesn’t satisfy critics

July 30, 2012 The United Kingdom's Information Commissioner's Office remains unsatisfied with Google's failure to delete street view data.

Pentagon wants software to monitor Facebook, Twitter to predict terrorism

July 30, 2012 DARPA is funding programs to detect recruiting and targeting.

Secret Service seeks commercial portal to access law enforcement networks

July 25, 2012 Agencies throughout government are shifting away from custom systems.

DHS taps big data to ferret out phony schools peddling student visas

July 24, 2012 Bogus institutions sell immigration papers under the guise of collecting tuition and fees.