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ACLU sues for FBI GPS tracking guidelines

August 16, 2012 Group asks the department to immediately release memos detailing bureau use of GPS technology.

Finally, a new bill requires police get a judge's approval before they see your texts or location

August 15, 2012 A new bill reconciles Fourth Amendment protections and 21st-century search and seizure.

Google's growing web of street traffic surveillance

August 13, 2012 The phone in your pocket could be monitoring traffic.

Google agrees to pay record fine for privacy violations

August 9, 2012 The FTC said that the search giant's actions violated a consent decree.

Census debuts new economic indicator app

August 9, 2012 Gives the raw numbers for each piece of data as well as a graph charting a two-year trend line covering indicators.

NASA's rover captures gorgeous panoramic view of the Martian landscape

August 9, 2012 But it's not from the rover you think. Don't forget about Opportunity, who's been exploring the planet for eight years.

American Cities: Uncle Sam wants your data

August 9, 2012 A new portal will collect open streams from different cities, making for easier comparisons.

Can Wikipedia foretell Romney's VP announcement?

August 7, 2012 Entries for Sarah Palin and Joe Biden both saw spikes in edits in the days before their selections.

Many managers don’t know their agencies’ cloud computing budget or goals

August 6, 2012 IT and business executives know cloud is important, but they remain hazy on details.

Database captures every bomb the U.S. has dropped since World War I

August 2, 2012 The history of war, as told from the perspective of the weapons themselves