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Is Facebook yesterday's news in the presidential race?

September 3, 2012 The real action in digital campaigning may not hinge on public-facing social-media networks.

Agencies continue to struggle with FOIA requests

August 31, 2012 Progress reducing the backlog of Freedom of Information Act requests has been spotty.

Consolidation alone won’t solve data centers’ energy problem

August 31, 2012 Server banks can consume 100 times as much power as a typical office building.

Romney woos tech sector with small government approach

August 29, 2012 GOP standard-bearer says he would focus on cybersecurity in his first 100 days.

MIT scientists devise Qurk to make data crowdsourcing easier

August 28, 2012 System could be used to help NASA, NOAA farm out data processing.

Windows 8 is watching you

August 27, 2012 Microsoft's latest operating system provides the company with information about every program users install.

We're close to strengthening the privacy of your cell phone's location! (But only in California.)

August 27, 2012 Right now, law enforcement can ask your cell provider where your phone is at pretty much any time.

Leading federal market research firm acquired in private equity deal

August 27, 2012 Thoma Bravo purchases Deltek for $1.1 billion.

Obama faces delicate decisions as cyberattack fears rise

August 23, 2012 Experts urge action, but the politics of cybersecurity can be tricky.

Federal agencies are gearing up for a massive data dump

August 22, 2012 Officials hope troves of machine-readable information will nurture entrepreneurship in a stalled economy.