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Slack Can Now Identify Your Company’s Resident Expert in Everything

May 4 In other words, it’s going to help you find the right person to talk to.

The Tech Agencies Need to Supercharge Mobile Strategies and Citizen Engagement  

May 4 Improving citizens' lives isn't just building a mobile app.

Agency Leaders Should Be Accountable for Protecting Data, Former DHS Chief Says

May 3 George W. Bush's homeland security head weighed in on data sharing.

China’s Sleeping Giant in the Global Artificial Intelligence Race

May 3 “Basically, anything you need to do online can be done through WeChat."

When Push Comes to Shove, How Quickly Will You Give Up Your Data for Convenience?

May 3 In the online world, it took us only a few years to get accustomed to the idea that firms can track our browsing behavior and predict our next steps.

NSA Is Changing Some of the Information It Collects

May 1 The agency says it’s stopping the controversial practice of collecting Americans’ emails that mention foreign intelligence targets.

Trump Aide Signals Spending Data Will Be Critical to Modernizing Government

April 27 The DATA Act's deadline is approaching quickly.

Powerful Algorithms Need a New Formula, Not More Transparency, To Be Kept in Check

April 27 Algorithms are complicated so exposing the code behind them won’t make them more understandable, says Microsoft.

How to Stop Services from Snooping on Your Gmail

April 26 Do you know who's reading your messages?