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What our Googling says about the election

November 6, 2012 State search results can tell an interesting political tale.

Obama's Facebook fans love Michelle; Romney's love winning

November 6, 2012 Data scraping reveals striking differences between the campaigns' Facebook audiences.

Your guide to the election and social media

November 5, 2012 The role of Facebook, Twitter and newer services in voting, monitoring and calling the results.

Google iOS Maps app will be ready by 2013, if Apple will have it

November 5, 2012 It is unlikely, however, that Apple will accept the mapping app

Mobile apps help campaigns track voters

November 5, 2012 The Romney campaign's Project Orca and the Democratic Party's Mobile Pollwatcher app are helping count voters.

Op-ed: Agencies are applying a 1 gigabit solution to a 10 gigabit security problem

November 5, 2012 Managing big data is key to identifying advanced threats in exploding network traffic.

See the destruction of New Jersey's coastline on an interactive map

November 2, 2012 Aerial photos from NOAA of a devastated state

Syria's digital proxy war

November 1, 2012 Iran and the United States are squaring off in a life-or-death battle for information.

The automation of our skies: How computers could resolve flight delays

October 31, 2012 Instead of having humans manually adjust flight schedules and routes, we should design weather-data fueled software do the task.

Smarter use of IT could reduce the deficit by $220 billion, group says

October 30, 2012 Savings would come from using more efficient new technology and by preventing improper payments.