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Windows 10 Users, Here's How to Increase Your Privacy

July 24 If you rely on system defaults, you may be sharing more than you realize.

The Street View From Space

July 22 The newest images on Google Maps were taken by an astronaut as he floated from module to module.

Congress' Plan to Cut Improper Payments Will Require Investment, Lawmaker Says

July 21 Cracking down on fraud requires enterprise tools as well as personnel with technical and legal skills, Rep. Gerry Connolly said.

How Federal Agents Took Down a $1.3 Billion Health Care Fraud Scheme

July 20 Using sophisticated data analytics, busts are getting bigger.

A Coding Error Led to $30 Million in Ethereum Being Stolen

July 20 The perils of a blockchain’s immutable transactions was brought home yesterday.

Google Can Now Help You Recruit Employees

July 19 Those looking for talent have a new option.

Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

July 18 An approach to machine learning inspired by the human brain is about to revolutionize street search.

How to Use the New and Improved Google Drive

July 17 Users have a new path for backing up files.

Insider Trader Learns the Hard Way: Don’t Google ‘Insider Trading’

July 17 The SEC brought charges against a scientist who asked the internet how to avoid SEC detection.