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Will Privacy Rights Shut Down the World's Largest Biometric Database?

September 5 A new ruling in India could jeopardize the country’s controversial collection of citizens’ fingerprints, photographs, and iris scans.

This Aid Agency Is Using Chatbots to Beat World Hunger

September 5 Turning smartphones and social media into lifelines for the most vulnerable of refugees.

In China, Facial Recognition Is Used to Buy KFC, Board Planes, and Catch Drug Users

September 4 The speed of the rollout is a sign of how China’s ambitions in artificial intelligence are advancing rapidly.

Alexa and Cortana Will Join Forces

September 1 Are two digital assistants better than one?

How NOAA Plans to Improve Tracking Harvey-Like Storms

August 30 As the agency's next-gen satellites come online, it expects more accurate forecasts and increased lead time for severe weather.

A Three-Day-Old Crowdsourcing Website Is Helping Volunteers Save Lives in Hurricane-Hit Houston

August 30 The site lets people in need register their location.

A Federal Push for Smart Cities Cybersecurity and Privacy Standards

August 30 “There are not a whole lot of best practices for local governments,” an official with the National Institute of Standards and Technology told Route Fifty.

How to Leave a Comment for the FCC About Net Neutrality

August 30 Final public comments are due tomorrow, Aug. 30, by end of day, eastern time.

Uber Decided It Won't Track You...As Much

August 29 The ride-sharing service is backtracking on a controversial location tracking feature.

Researchers Built an Invisible Backdoor to Hack AI’s Decisions

August 25 The attack described could make customers warier of how the AI they rely on is trained.