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What the CIA’s Tech Director Wants from AI

September 7 Dawn Meyerriecks says staying ahead of Russia and China isn’t as hard as getting U.S. leaders to listen to their own artificial intelligence analysis.

NASA’s Next Head Wants it to Do Less Climate Science and More Weather Science, But You Can’t Separate Them

September 7 Trump’s NASA nominee is Jim Bridenstine, a congressman from Oklahoma.

What We Don't Know About What Facebook Knows

September 7 If Facebook data has such a far reach, why does it contain basic errors of plausibility?

What Makes a Smart City Truly Smart?

September 7 Kansas City has streetlights equipped with sensors and plans to make roads pay for themselves. But its chief innovation officer says there’s nothing smart ...

Airlines Are Price Gouging in the Path of Hurricane Irma—And Algorithms Are to Blame

September 6 Travelers trying to evacuate in anticipation of Hurricane Irma and facing a big hurdle.

Using AI to Identify Protestors Hiding Behind Hats or Scarves Is Entirely Possible

September 6 Artificial intelligence is giving rise to unprecedented capabilities for surveillance.

Army Logistics Renews $135M Cloud Contract—And Gets Watson

September 6 Watson will analyze sensor data from vehicles to improve the service's predictive maintenance.

Will Privacy Rights Shut Down the World's Largest Biometric Database?

September 5 A new ruling in India could jeopardize the country’s controversial collection of citizens’ fingerprints, photographs, and iris scans.

This Aid Agency Is Using Chatbots to Beat World Hunger

September 5 Turning smartphones and social media into lifelines for the most vulnerable of refugees.

In China, Facial Recognition Is Used to Buy KFC, Board Planes, and Catch Drug Users

September 4 The speed of the rollout is a sign of how China’s ambitions in artificial intelligence are advancing rapidly.